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* IR Homes = Investor Ready Homes * IR Homes = Income Reliable Homes * IR Homes = Independent Rental Homes 

Quality Wholesale Property Solutions - where we specialise in Fixed Price Turnkey Solutions - so you know when you sign our contracts - you know what the price will be! We do not want our clients to be surprised by nasty contract clauses that dramatically increase the price after you sign the contract.  

We aim to be the destination for 1st home buyers, Owner Occupiers and Investors. We aim to build a reputation as one of Australia's most reliable, affordable and innovative new home builders, but that’s because we make the ownership journey easier. 

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Our New Build Offerings Include:

Granny Flats

FIRST HOME BUYERS - Can't Afford a Standard NEW HOME & LAND Package?  

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New Homes


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Dual Occupancy Homes

DUAL LIVING HOMES Normal Homes on the outside YET Two Legal Rental properties on the inside! IR Homes specialise in offering quality ‘Complete Turn-Key Packages’.  

So when you build with IR Homes, you know there are no items left off, it’s not a ‘bare bones’ package and there’s no hidden extras that will cost you more, once you sign a building contract.  

Our properties will be move-in-ready to be occupied by yourself or your tenants  

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Sample Designs

Granny Flats

New Homes

Dual Occupancy Homes

IR Homes Granny Flat Build Process 

IR Homes’ Granny Flats are built on either Surefoot Concrete Free Footings, steel piers, or screw piers. Depending on your location and zoning, different rules will apply depending on your intended usage for the granny flat, as you will need to lodge an application with council (IR Homes can help with this).  

There are 2 steps that are REQUIRED to Arrange a Fixed-Price Building QUOTE.

1. Preliminary Costs - These are Site Specific Costs needed to be gathered BEFORE a Formal Building Contract can be written.


* Town planning Pre-Assessment report: Includes site specific costings and fees required for this project

* Building Designer/Architect - Preliminary plans and after all reports detailed Construction plans and BA/DA Approval plans.

* Electrical and plumbing quoted on a site by site basis. 

* Waste water report. You will need a special report done for council to show how you will manage your wastewater from your site. Allowances will need to be made for new connections or septic systems. 

* Electrical connections. Electrical costs will vary depending on your requirements. If you are building a granny flat (secondary dwelling for relatives) you may be able to run the power off the main house. IF you are building a Secondary Dwelling - Investment) It will be more expensive as a switch board upgrade or new separate metering connection is required. 

* Full Site survey and Geotechnical report. This includes a site map showing the slope of your site and a soil test. These are general build requirements that are reasonable straight forward to arrange.

* Engineer's Report: Footings , Wind Loadings, + structural sign off. Another general build requirement; all new building work needs to be signed off by a structural engineer. 

* Energy Efficiency Report

* Private certifier fees. IR Homes need to engage a private certifier to obtain all the required building approvals for your project.

* Council fees. We will advise of this cost in the preliminary stage as this varies depending on area and build type. We advise that you talk to your local council as a first step, they can generally explain their fee structure first hand and can also advise on any local specific build requirements - that we must comply with.  

* Compulsory Home Owners Building Insurance

2. Formal Contracts - Fixed Price Contracts.

* Once we have obtained all the necessary approvals, Total build costs will be Formalised and presented in a Fixed Price Building Contract - BEFORE You sign a Formal Building Contract. Once signed and Finance in place... THEN the actual build process can begin. 

* All our builders are fully insured and licensed and will build your Granny Flat as a permanent habitable structure (class 1a). 

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We Listen to You  

We understand that everyone has different requirements and needs in a new home. At IR Homes we listen to what you need to make the home right for you, whether it be a wider driveway for an extra car, or a bigger kitchen to enable the family to gather without crowding you, or to design homes to suit disability access requirements, we can do it all.

We help clients from our local area, Australia, and all over the world. We believe building and/or buying a new home should be stress-free and uncomplicated, and we will work for you to make your dreams become reality.