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Welcome to IR HOMES.

We are Buyer Agents & Builder Agents who offer a wide range of customisable New Home Services to fit all of our customers needs!

We search on your behalf for Quality New Home products at fair and market competitive prices.

Trying to find your perfect property is tiresome enough. So why add more stress to your load unnecessarily? Let IR Homes Take The stress out of your next purchase.

Buyer’s agents - are licensed real estate professionals who specialise in searching, evaluating, and negotiating the purchase of property on your behalf — the buyer.

Builder Agents - we source the best builder who is suitable to build your project in a quality and timely manner with NO hidden costs. If you want a QUALITY builder for your project, then it many times, it will come down to the business relationship we have built with them. We do this through Knowing You (our Client), knowing the builders' product, knowing what they want, and constantly following up. Ir Homes - we are ready to deliver real results to you everyday.

At IR Homes, we are lucky enough to have experts in the property investing and property finance industry.

When working with IR Homes, you’ll have exposure to specialists in property, finance, and property investing business consulting.

IR Homes are mindful of current market conditions to help you find the right property in the locations that meet your goals.

The team at IR Homes have worked extensively for their valued clients including - owner occupiers, the busy professional, and professional investors!

IR Homes' advisors bring real skills to interpret your property dream and bring it to a reality. Many clients have expressed their gratitude for our breadth of knowledge and the skills that our team brings to the table to assist them to buy property strategically.

You won’t feel left behind; the IR Homes team will look after you every step of the home buying process, as your advisor, advocate, bidder, and negotiator.

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