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Short Term Business Finance Product Overview

Secured Loans

   FAST BUSINESS LOANS  Documents Required
 Loan Term

 1-6 Months

Costs / Interest, Establishment & Legal fees CAPITALISED for the term of the loan

 - Rates Notice for nominated Security Property/ies

 Loan Amount

 $20k - $2million

Higher Amounts available

 - Valid Photo ID
Facility Type 


and First Mortgages too

 - Last 6 months Home Loan Statements


Up to 70% Commercial / Vacant Land



  • URGENT Business Cash Flow Injections
  • Property Development Funding
  • HIGH LVR Funding (up to 75%)
  • Commercial Debt Consolidation
  • NEW Business Ventures
  • Property Purchase Rescissions
  • Bad Credit Loans (NB: Funding CAN be considered to payout Part IX or Bankruptcy.)
  • No Income Verification Required
  • Urgent Business opportunities

Simple Online Application Process - just takes 60 Seconds

Short-Term Business Finance Apply Here

Short Term Business Finance Product Overview

UNsecured Loans

unsecured business loans

If you require $5,000 - $300,000 we have made it easy to apply with:

Unsecured Business Finance - Apply in 10 Minutes
Unsecured Business Finance - Same Day Approval
Unsecured Business Finance - Funding Possible in 24 hours
  • Fast approvals and settlements
  • Minimal Docs required
  • NO security required for loans up to $100,000
  • Flexible loan terms 3 - 12 months
  • Cleared Funds In Your Bank Account within 3 days (24 hrs in some circumstances)
  • Easy renewal and access to funds
  • Use for any business need

Get fast, easy access to funding

Business cash flow lending, Loans are based upon what we think you can comfortably manage.  

We conduct an assessment on the health of your business, taking into consideration things such as how long you have been in business, revenue you earn, the industry you operate in, and others.  

This information will determine how much money we believe that we can comfortably lend to you, and the repayment terms.

Funds to Grow & Run Your Business

Focus on your business with a small business loan to cover one-off expenses or invest in your business. With a Small Business Loan you can spend more time focusing on your plans to grow your business and less time worrying about how you’ll fund them. We’ll help you make sure you never miss an opportunity again.

Apply in 10 minutes - easy

Grow your business and manage your cash flow with fast, easy access to finance. Get fast application and decision, total repayment amount detailed up front, and funding possible in 24 hours in some circumstances*. 

Trusted by thousands of Australian small businesses.  

Free to apply, no obligation to proceed. 

All you need is:  

  • Trading for at least 6 months
  • Minimum $6,000/month revenue
  • Use for any business purpose

How it works  

We use an advanced lending platform developed specifically for the Australian small business environment to evaluate the health of your business. 

Our approval team will then advise you of the outcome of your application and the daily or weekly repayment schedule that best meets your needs.

  Apply Here   

* Standard credit approval criteria and terms and conditions apply.

*Lowest rate is 9.9% p.a. simple interest rate. Prospa uses a risk-based pricing model to determine applicable rates using factors such as industry, years in business, cash flow and creditworthiness. Rates for small business loans range from 9.9% to 26.5% p.a. simple interest rate. The lowest rate is only available to applicants with the strongest cash flows, business experience and credit ratings. A $10,000 12-month loan with a simple interest rate of 9.9% p.a. would have a total repayment amount of $10,990 and an Annual Percentage Rate of 17.5%. Approval is subject to credit assessment. Fees, terms and conditions apply. These rates apply to Prospa’s small business loan product only.