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Buyers Agents & Builders Agents

As buyers agents & builders agents  we are employed by  the purchaser and act on their behalf to source, evaluate, and negotiate the purchase of residential real estate.

Our clients are everyday home buyers and investors who are looking to purchase family homes, or build investment portfolios.


Finance & Home Mortgages

Our mission is simple:

To help our clients be more productive and successful to achieve their goals in life.

When you engage RedCap Finance Brokers - you get access to people, systems, lenders, and insights that help you be better at what you do.

RedCap Finance Brokers

Business Consulting

RedCap Consulting: "Your Success is our Business!"  

We strive to provide professional, ethical and cost-effective Business Coaching & Consulting services to all our clients.

We handle every case as if we were representing a close friend or family member. We strive for excellence in our service and a satisfactory resolution to our clients’ concerns.  

RedCap Consulting