Beware of Property Spruikers and Investment Property Marketeers.

Property spruikers and investment seminars

Finding Buyers for Targeted Property - Not Matching Suitable Property with the Buyers Investment Strategy

Property investment promoters, or spruikers, invite people to their ‘wealth creation’ seminars, often for free, with the promise of investment tips or opportunities. They typically promote a property investment system or market a specific property development.  

The seminars are often promoted through letterbox pamphlets, on social media and by email. At the seminars the spruiker may urge you to buy investment courses or materials such as books, DVDs, one-on-one coaching, 12 month mentorships, etc. 

Many property spruikers are motivated to gain money at your expense. Don’t risk your money and hard-earned assets because of their potentially-misleading advice. 

Due Diligence is essential: get independent, professional advice from People who are actually qualified to give advice (not just someone who may have a piece of paper saying that they are legally allowed to give advice) before commiting yourself to making any investment.  

Also be wary of joining real estate investment groups or insider investing clubs, many of which are full of investment property spruikers and marketeers who care more about collecting their fees than your financial well being! 

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Do You Want To Be A Property Investor?

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Finding-An-Investment-Property Basics  

In selecting an investment property it is critical that you follow a strict due diligence process to ensure an effective investment strategy. Condensed from a detailed checklist, investigations must include research into the following:  

  • Location - Look at where people want to rent that is well located to surrounding infrastructure and facilities  
  • Value for Money - Buy at or below current market value.  
  • Infrastructure - Investigate current and planned infrastructure for the location you are considering  
  • Rental Return - Minimum of a 4% gross yield  
  • Design and Finishes - Consider whether design and finishes meet your prospective tenants demand (NOT what you want to live in personally)  
  • Quality and Integrity of Developer/Builder - Investigate & Inspect past projects whenever possible
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Sales Commission Fee is The Worst Way to Select Your Selling Agent

Hiring the Wrong Selling Agent for Your Property The most common and most dangerous way for an owner to hire a licenced real estate agency is based on an estimated sales price and the agent’s sales commission fee. This rarely works out well. 

Owners basing their decision on these two factors alone are more likely to fall victim to an inflated price estimate. The agent gives little thought to achieving the best price or avoiding a poor digital footprint, and instead works, over a period of time, to educate the seller into reducing their price.

Hiring an agent based on their marketing and negotiation skills will always prove a sound investment. Good negotiation can mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. With the wrong agent, any fee is too expensive. 

Example: An agent received a written offer from a buyer on an actual Contract of Sale. He then takes the contract and drops it at the owner’s front door with a note informing them to sign within half an hour and return it to his office. No effort, no skill, no seller assistance, and no sale. Was this agent worth their fee? No way!

Example: A property is listed for sale at $319,500, an offer is made by a prospective buyer a CASH unconditional offer at $260,000. The desparate seller accepted the offer on the recommendation of their agent. The buyer was interviewed later and asked why they didn’t pay more than the original offer, the buyer simply responded, ‘Nobody asked us to’. The seller lost $59,500 because the agent couldn’t be bothered going back and asking one simple question, ‘Will you pay any more?’ Was this agent worth their fee? No way.

NB: Hiring the wrong agent could mean a substantial financial loss all because you didn't want to pay the Best Agent's Commission Fee.

A Professional Sales Proposal Has to Make Cents, Before it Make Sense!