U1st Realty Affiliate Marketing

Could You Use A Second Income Stream?

U1st Realty's promotional sales marketing program is based upon where we as a business choose to spend our marketing and advertising dollars. 

It can either go to impersonal large corporations like or Domain, or News Corp, or, we can choose to reward YOU as a marketing promotional affiliate who will recommend us to potential buyers from your social influence circle - i.e. your family, friends, work colleagues, sporting associates, or whomever you meet in person or online.

Simply put, U1st Realty chooses to reward our valued promotional sales affiliates for every person who buys a brand new property through U1st Realty, and where that business was generated directly by the affiliate's promotional marketing efforts.

So .... Could You Use a Second Income?

It’s time for all of us to find a way to help each other out through these trying times!

If you or someone you know is interested in owning their own virtual business where you can "make money without spending money", please let me know.

  • Full/ Part Time Position. 
  • Flexible Schedule
  • No investment required - use what you have
  • No membership fee
  • No sign up fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • No money out

For The Best Results in Earning Money in Our Promote & Earn Marketing Program is to have...

  • A position of influence in your network group of family, friends, and work colleagues.
  • Active Facebook Account - where people value your opinion
  • Active on other Social Media influencing platforms
  • Reliable wi-fi connection and smartphone
  • Can communicate in English (verbal and written)

Contact us below and we will call you to discuss further! Join Our Affiliate Marketing Programme – It’s FREE to Join.

Actively Promote U1st Realty to your family, friends, associates, and to the world at large.

Help Us To Spread the Word – and We’ll Pay You on Every Settled Sale Of A Brand New Home Today That was made as a direct result of your promotional Marketing activities.

U1st Realty Collingwood Park, Ipswich Qld 

Promotional Affiliate Marketing Programme – It’s FREE To Join!

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