U1st Realty Property Management

Thank you for the opportunity to appraise your property for the purpose of ascertaining the likely rent achievable in the current market. When assessing the rental amount of a property, we take into account factors that assist in leasing your property promptly. This includes:- 

  • comparison of similar properties, 
  • current vacancy levels, and 
  • current enquiry levels.

Obtaining a realistic rental amount ensures that your property is let as quickly as possible to maximise the annual rental income. A range of rental amounts are provided so that you can make a sound decision based on your personal situation and also the current market, which is often subject to the fluctuations typical of a supply and demand marketplace. We regard a balance between obtaining maximum rents whilst minimising vacancy as paramount in achieving the best possible result. Our team would be delighted to manage your investment with your individual needs in mind, if we can answer any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ask us about our EXCLUSIVE Rental Return Guarantee Program for Rental Property Investors who buy through or engage U1st Realty as their property manager. This a a genuine peace-of-mind program to underwrite your investment endeavours.  


Investment in Rental Property is one of the most stable forms of growing your wealth. Whilst markets change, and prices of property rise and fall, the cycle always continues. The key is to buy when the market is down, and sell when the market is up – this will almost always guarantee a return on your investment. 

If you would like to grow or start an investment property portfolio, talk our team at U1st Realty to find out more about what options there are for investing in property, as they have quality property all around Australia, and especially in the South East Corner of Queensland.  

As an investment property owner, you want to know that a team of professional, ethical and caring people is managing your property or properties. This is what U1st Realty Property Management strives to achieve for all of their investment property owners (Landlords). U1st Realty Property Management can offer you a personalised service, from purchase through to finding a quality tenant who will treat your property as their home. We pride ourselves on quality of service.  

Property management is an industry that undergoes legislative changes constantly, so it is important that you can be assured that our people are informed and follow the right procedures to get the maximum return for you will be managing your investments. By choosing U1st Realty Property Management, you are choosing a property management team that is fully trained in all aspects of property management and who understand the obligation of landlords and tenants.  

We have outlined a few key points for you to consider when choosing a managing agency for your investment property/properties.  


Searching for a rental property can be exhausting. Especially when you find the property of your dreams, only to contact the agent and find out that it’s already gone.

Booking Your Inspection of Your Chosen Property When you find a property that you like, you need to book an inspection to view; as it is our policy that no property is leased to anyone who has not first viewed the property.

Applying without inspecting To ensure that you have chosen a property that will suit all of your requirements, we ask that you inspect the property in person PRIOR to applying. If you are relocating from another area and simply cannot personally inspect, please send san authorised person on your behalf to inspect, or, request that we Facetime you from the property to conduct a video walk through with you.  

Information needed Everybody over the age of 18 must complete an application form. (and in some cases if you are aged 16-18 as well). Please ensure you spend the necessary time to complete your application properly. Failure to complete and sign all necessary sections will result in longer processing time which could mean that you miss out on your ideal property.  

100 points of ID Each applicant must provide 100 points of ID. 100 points can be made up of: (With at Least one form of ID showing a Current Photo)

  • Last 4 Rent Receipts 20
  • Birth Certificate 10
  • Drivers’ License 30
  • Pension / Health Care 15
  • 18+ Card / Photo ID 30
  • Utility Bill 15
  • Passport 30
  • Payslips 15
  • Tenant Ledger 20
  • Car Rego Papers 15  

Processing Your Application When processing your rental application, we will:  

  • Check your paperwork to ensure all details have been completed
  • Check that 100 points of ID have been provided and that details match
  • Conduct an Affordability Test, so that by renting this property you will not be placed into HARDSHIP! (Usual Recommendation is a maximum of 30% of Gross Household Income - however with rentals rising this figure is often higher - so property managers need to be very careful to whom they lease property too!)
  • Contact your employer to confirm employment details and/or check Centrelink statements
  • Complete a TICA check – see tica.com.au for more details
  • Contact your past and present agent / landlord and check references
  • Contact your personal referees and cross-check references

All information is provided to the owner of the property you have applied for so that they can make an informed decision as to which tenat/s they want in their property.

NB: Low-income earners can still qualify for rental properties.  

Low Income earners can still qualify for a rental property as long as they can show the property manager a constant income stream; government assistance income (if applicable), and that they have enough funds in the bank to pay the property bond and upfront rent required. 

If they can show though their household CASHFLOW plan - that the property they are applying for is AFFORDABLE and wihin their budget guidelines, in terms of of overall household expenditure planning, then ... there should not be a problem.


A favourable tenancy history and a good rental track record is one of the most important references an individual can have in the property rental sector.

It stands to reason that each individual is entirely responsible for their own actions and how they have responded in any situation faced. 

Individuals can influence their own current future by the results of their past actions. If your past history is not good, how will you convince a current property manager that your behaviour has changed for the better?

  • Pay your rent on or before the due date, and always remain in advance.
  • Maintain the property in a clean state so when routine inspections are conducted by the agents they can provide a good report to the landlord.
  • Keep in contact with your agent - especially if you get into difficult situations.
  • Co-operate with your property manager on periodic inspections.
  • Report faults with the property promptly and in the manner which, the property manager has advised.
  • Avoid being abusive even if a property manager can’t see your point of view.
  • Do not sub-let without your property managers appropriate written approval.
  • Provide the adequate and proper notice when vacating the property in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act of your state.
  • Avoid confrontations with neighbours.
  • Avoid loud and disruptive parties.
  • Abide by the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.
  • Keep all documentation in relation to the rental such as - rental receipts, tenancy agreements, rental bond claims, condition reports and any other information that may be required in the future.
  • At the end of every tenancy make sure your receive a full bond refund.
  • Leave the property in as good condition or better than what it was when you first took possession of it.
  • Pay particular attention to carpets, stove, oven, window coverings and gardens.
  • Make sure all rent is paid till the agreed date you vacate.  

WHY Build A Rental Property Investment Business?

A rental property that you purchase today can make you money in 6 different ways:

  • Cash Flow - Money going into your pocket (Rent)
  • Equity Capture - Money made when you buy the property (Price Due Diligence)
  • Equity Buildup - Money made as your tenants pay down the P&I (Principal & Interest) mortgage
  • Market Appreciation - Money made over time (economic factors & market conditions)
  • Forced Appreciation - Money made when you fix up the property (Value-adding)
  • Tax Advantages - Money saved when you have a rental property business (Legitimate Expenses Items that Reduce Tax Liability)


Any one of these factors would make rental property a good investment. A business in real estate rental property investing has ALL 6 WAYS working for you to make money.

Our services are designed to help you START & OPERATE a Successful Property Investing Business.

NOW would be a good time to contact us to see how we can help you.

Helping You To Achieve Financial Freedom!